Totara Social is a flexible, versatile social platform that can be used in a wide range of scenarios. Here are some of the ways organisations like yours can benefit from Totara Social.

Key Features

Get Everyone Involved

No more back-and-forth email chains—easily loop partners and customers into conversations and projects, ensuring everyone is included. Boost team engagement and efficiency across departments, offices and geographies to support workflow processes. You can also showcase achievements for the all-important connections that bring organisations to life. Your people can work on projects alone or with others, collect feedback through comments and votes and return the favour with their own ideas.

Share Your Ideas

Create content, embed external media, collate resources, write blogs, interact with forum posts, watch videos and share it all with your networks for the ultimate social experiences. Contribute insights and opinions by adding comments to posts, pages and feeds, joining discussion forums and using individual or group chats.

Control the Noise

When you’re ready to share your thoughts through blogs, pages and posts, you can choose the audiences to receive the post. You decide what you hear and who you hear from with connections, groups and tags. Choose when you hear news with notification settings. Share your content with your connections, groups, or everyone on your Social site.

Discover What Matters


Keep your finger on the pulse by staying on top of the most relevant ideas, questions, groups, files and people across your organisation. Ask questions and receive answers in real time. Sort, share and search for answers quickly and easily, and work with your community to decide the best answer to help others with the same question in the future.

Integrate Easily

Totara Social works seamlessly with Totara Learn, third-party addons and custom developments. Collaborate easily across your organisation and with your partners and customers by easily integrating Totara Social with all your systems.

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As a trusted Totara Solutions Partner we can offer the excellent features of Totara Learn. Targeted primarily at the corporate sector, we can provide a feature rich, robust platform to our customers.

LMS Plans


  • plus:
  • up to 500 users: £5 per annum per user
  • up to 3,000 users: £2 per annum per user
  • up to 5,000 users: £1 per annum per user

  • Dedicated Platform: No
  • Contract: Month-to-month
  • Theme Design: Brand Customisation
  • Hosting: AWS Web Server
  • Free support: 1 hour per month
  • Free configuration: 1 day per annum


  • plus:
  • up to 500 users: £5 per annum per user
  • up to 3,000 users: £2 per annum per user
  • up to 5,000 users: £1 per annum per user

  • Dedicated Platform: Yes
  • Contract: Month-to-month
  • Theme Design: BESPOKE
  • Hosting: AWS Cloud Server
  • Free support: UNLIMITED
  • Free configuration: 2 days per annum

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